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Shady Hill Food Policy

Food Management at Shady Hill

Managing Food Allergies.
Food allergies are increasing among children; all allergens are dangerous and some are life threatening. As a Nut Aware school, Shady Hill takes a number of steps to maintain safety. Most important is increasing school community awareness, education and planning in all aspects of school program to eliminate exposure to tree nut and peanut allergens and other food group allergens. The school must do this unceasingly in order to make the appropriate impact.

The school nurse collects and disseminates pertinent health information to teachers, including details about food allergies. The school is vigorous in sharing this essential information.

The following delineate the school physician and nurse guidelines for school-wide food allergy management:

Whole School
  • Students and faculty wash hands before and after lunch with soap and water to be sure that nut contaminants are not spread.
  • The school supplies classrooms with bleach wipes for table cleaning.
  • The school nurse conducts food allergy education, either in the classroom or at divisional assemblies, as appropriate.
  • The school nurse trains faculty thoroughly in food allergy management and provides EpiPen training.
  • Sunflower Butter is available for students who have forgotten lunches.
  • Students may not share food.

Lower School
  • Children with nut/peanut allergies sit at a table free of these products.
  • Special snack and birthday foods are limited to Rice Krispie Treats, fresh fruit, Popsicles and Jello only.
  • All food celebrations, including breakfasts, include food with ingredient lists only. (Unlabeled food will not be served.)

Middle School
  • Snacks for field trips are nut and peanut-free. The school provides overnight field trip site staff with lists of individual allergies.
  • Pizza for pizza lunches is provided by a nut-free pizza restaurant. Parents serve dessert in individually wrapped, content-labeled packages.
  • All food celebrations, including breakfasts and bake sales, include food with ingredient lists only. (Unlabeled food will not be served.)

  • Afterschool staff provides snacks that are nut- and peanut-free. Ingredient lists must be provided for all foods served at picnics and potlucks.
  • Children are under the direct supervision of parents at these events.

Managing Healthy Nutrition
The school and parents share a responsibility to ensure that only healthy foods are consumed at school. The school asks parents to eliminate highly processed sugar/fat foods (Lunchables, hot dogs, fruit roll-ups, cookies and chips) from lunches as well as soda, candy and sports drinks.

Parents are asked to include lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as high-calcium-content foods in children’s lunches.

Food Management Policy July 2008, Updated June 2011