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Learn To Teach By Teaching

Shady Hill's nationally known Teacher Training Course (TTC) is a graduate-level teacher preparation program that provides aspiring teachers with well-guided experiences in pre-K through eighth-grade classrooms. In this one year, site-based program, apprentice teachers discover what teaching is all about through observation, supervised teaching, workshops, seminars, and continuous involvement in the life of the school. The whole cohort spends the fall semester in Shady Hill classrooms; apprentices can choose either a public school or Shady Hill-based placement for the spring.

The TTC is an approved program with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Upon completion of the program, apprentices earn initial licensure in
  • Early Childhood (pre-k-2)
  • Elementary (1-6)
  • Middle School Humanities (5-8)
  • Middle School Mathematics (5-8) - NEW!
  • Middle School Science (5-8) - NEW!
  • Middle School Math and Science (5-8)
Some participants choose to enroll solely in the TTC, though most also participate in a partnering master's program at Lesley University

Shady Hill's TTC is one of the most respected teacher residency programs in the United States. We advise schools and districts throughout the state, across the country, and around the world about the best ways to train teachers for long, rewarding, and influential careers. 

Our Graduates

The TTC has trained a corps of more than 1,600 impressive teachers since its inception in 1928. Its excellent reputation is a direct result of the success of its alumni. Principals and heads of schools in the U.S. and abroad actively seek our graduates for teaching positions. Many of our alumni have become outstanding leaders in education and have founded their own schools and teacher training programs based on the TTC model. Currently, TTC alumni teach in public, charter, and independent schools in 41 states and 17 other countries.

"The development of the person is really the most important element in the education of a teacher. No amount of technique or scholarship can make a good teacher out of a person who is afraid of experience."

- Katharine Taylor, TTC Founder & first Director of Shady Hill School

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